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Pegasus Sewing Machine Parts Books | College Sewing

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 16:39

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SINGER 657W - Parts For
SINGER 957G - Parts For
SINGER 957U - Parts For
SINGER 957UX - Parts For


HIGHLEAD GC5868-6 - Parts For
HIGHLEAD GC5568-6 - Parts For
HIGHLEAD GC5668-6 - Parts For
HIGHLEAD GC5668-6SC - Parts For
HIGHLEAD GC75668-6 - Parts For

Singer® Parts Lists - Universal Sewing

SINGER 86K - Parts For
SINGER 886K - Parts For
SINGER 95K - Parts For
SINGER 695K - Parts For
SINGER 96K - Parts For
SINGER 696K - Parts For

SINGER 75U88 & 75U98 - Parts For
SINGER 75U58 & 75U68 - Parts For

YAMATO DCZ-866 - Parts For
YAMATO DCZ-865 - Parts For

YAMATO VF Parts - Coming Soon

RIMOLDI B77 & 777 - Parts For
RIMOLDI 877 & 977 - Parts For
RIMOLDI 577 & Orion - Parts For

SIRUBA 787D 787E 787F - Parts For
SIRUBA 787D 797E 797F - Parts For
SIRUBA 757D 757E 757F - Parts For

The data was compiled, wherever possible, from Singer documents, service manuals, etc. Speeds shown are maximum and will depend on the materials being sewn.

BROTHER CB8-B967 -Parts For
BROTHER CB8-B968 -Parts For
BROTHER CB8-B966 -Parts For
BROTHER CB8-B967 -Parts For

CONSEW 756RB - Parts For
CONSEW 765 & 765B - Parts For

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