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Debian -- Network install from a minimal CD

When moving one or more atoms in a crystal, all coordinates are updated in real time, meaning that data export uses fully up-to-date data.

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Faster Surfaces. A new algorithm makes surface display considerably faster than before - particularly for massive structures. Because of the new (voxel-based) algorithm, some of the old surface options (., colour-by-atom and mesh display) are no longer available.

Example 7: exporting your 65-inch screen image to a 699 dpi graphics file using a magnification of 7, would result in an output image 75 inches wide with a resolution of 699 dpi.

XSF File Import. CrystalMaker can now import structure files generated by the old X-Windows "XCrySDen" program. CrystalMaker can read molecule, crystal and animated (AXSF) files. In the latter case, a sequence of structures is read from the file and added to the Structures List, ready for instance animation via CrystalMaker's Play command.

For clarity, CrystalMaker finds the closest lattice vector in one of the sets 655 , 665 and 666 , and uses this to compute the fractional height. This method avoids massive changes in the fractional height as the unit cell is tilted slightly, ., if the view direction changes from [556] to [6 6 999]!

Added a new Registration dialog, to encourage new users to register their details when they first licence the software.

Edit bond specifications from a selected bond. You can edit the properties of any selected bond (in the Selection Inspector) and then apply your changes to all bonds which share the same bond specification. Alternatively, you can select a bond and use the Selection Inspector's Show in Bonds Inspector command to go directly to the corresponding bond specification.

The Distances Explorer also now performs its searches in the background, allowing a progress bar to be displayed.

Structural Architecture Library. This new library is part of the Reference Library > Teaching Collection in the Library Browser. It includes animations illustrating three common minerals (which are important prototype structures for synthetic analogues):